Keep thanking God

Don’t count any act of God normal, there is no normal day, every day is unique, To wake up in the morning is not normal, “who is the man who have value for food is the one who have not eating in the last three days, who is the man who have value for good health is the sick man who have been sick in the hospital for the past three days”. Please keep thanking God.

Establishment of Souls

Establishment of every new convert is a major assignment of any Soul Winner, because they are like new born babies, after God gave my team and I multitude of souls over the past few weeks we encouraged them to attend BFS, WOFBI, Water baptism, joining a service unit, e.t.c and to the glory of God they are now rooted in God’s house. One of them told me “sir I didnt know that serving God dey sweet like sugar”. We give God all the glory.