Good Day sir,

The lord has done it again, I got married in the year 2011, in our Durumi church and since then we have been believing God for the fruit of the womb, and medical reports shows that I had low sperm count, as they gave me drug the sperm started reducing until it got to 0.5%, while the active sperm is only 5% and the progression then was very poor but after the anointing service on Sunday 17TH November, 2013 at Goshen, as you declared that we should go back for a test. I went for test that same day, and the result today shows that the sperm count has increased to 12million, while the active sperm has increased to 75% and the progression is now good.
Sir, I have returned like that one leper to give thanks to God, I had already given up hope, as the doctors were already telling me to apply for a sperm donor but today God has proved to me that HE is the God of all flesh and that there is nothing impossible for him to do.
Thank you Jesus.
Mr. A.E.


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