GOD is still in the business of healing incurable diseases.

GOD is still in the business of healing incurable diseases.

Healed of HIV of 4 yrs!
In year 2009, I was having some health challenges which affected my work and it became a concern to me. When a test was carried out, to the greatest shock of my life, the doctor said I had HIV infection. It was devastating to me and I was living as if the end would come up any moment as I fell sick quite often. So, I was placed on drugs for life. Towards the middle of YEAR 2013, I was seriously sick and another test carried out showed that even the drugs I was taken had started affecting my liver. I therefore concluded that the end has finally come. However, in July, a friend who I confided in advised that I go to Goshen and see Bishop Abioye, so that he could pray for me, and we saw the Bishop on one Sunday after the service. He laid his hand on me and declared ‘May God perfect your body, go and come back with testimonies.’ I received it with great faith and from that moment, I started enjoying sound health in my life. On 24th October, I had cause to go for another medical test and everything about me was examined, the result says ‘no fever found, no typhoid found, and no sign of the virus in my blood.’ The doctor said I can even donate blood because I have more than enough. I appreciate God for giving me my life back in full. Sis. C. C.

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