Praise God sir, I write to testify of God’s goodness in my life.
I have been believing God for a good job for long now. During the covenant day of Favour,you said that all those who has forgotten us will remember us and that wherever our name/CV has been forgotten that we will be remembered for good. I claimed the words passionately. On Tuesday of same week, I was called for an interview slated for Thursday from an organization I had forgotten about. The interview was written and we were told that only the successful ones will be called for oral one. The next Sunday was harvest of miracle jobs/business so I asked God to perfect his work. On Monday Same week, I was called for an oral interview. Out of 9 of us that sat for the test, only 4 was called back for oral interview and I was the only one called in the department i applied for out of 3 people and I was successful as well.
God favored me to the point that I was able to negotiate my salary with the director and i latter found out that my salary was twice the amount the other three were to receive.
Before resuming work, the organization had a competition which I decided to participate to experience it; I joined in the staff race and God made me emerge one of the winners. I was given a medal and a prize and every other staff were amazed.
Now am working and I’ve come to return all the glory to my faithful God.
Sis. C.L.C


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