Dramatic Turnaround: Finally Married!

I joined this Commission in December last year. When I came here my life was in a mess; I contemplated suicide because nothing was working for me. The first problem I had was that of my relationship. It was staggering until finally the whole thing ended even after we had fixed the wedding date. During ministration, the Bishop said as many singles that were trusting God for life partners would return with their hearts’ desires. I danced that day as if I was going to be awarded the best dancer. On 17th of that same month of May, I received a call from Awka from someone who gave his name as Engr. Aduaka. I lived in Kano. The person said I have observed you, and you fit to be my wife. Before I know it, on the 17th of July my bride price was paid and last week Saturday on the 5th of this month, I got wedded. F. A. A.

Join us next Sunday 23rd March for the Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough service. services. 6.30am, 8.30am and 10.30am..
for online viewers visit http://www.davidabioye.org.ng/live_service

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