Testimony Time!!!

Excepts of testimonies shared during last Sunday service at Goshen….


My name is AYUBA K, I join this commission in the year 2003 which is the year of DOMINION since I join there is different changes in my life and the life of my family. It happened when my child was 2years old somebody at my wife’s compound in the village entered and kidnapped this child and took him to his village. We try what we could do, to get this child since MAY 2011 but it was not possible.
Since then, I handed over everything to GOD and through the prophetic word I have been hearing on this altar, because the word keep on infusing hope in me. In the month of march 2014 in my prayer expectation card I boldly write “Lord since this is my birth day month l wanted you to recover my son (VICTOR) for me, and on 22-03-2014 somebody call me that, he can bring out this child out for us from that village, and to the glory of GOD the child was brought back to us on 27-03-2014.

I give all the glory to the GOD of BISHOP ABIOYE & BISHOP OYEDEPO.

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