God still Heals

Healed of Ovarian Cyst!

In November last year, I took a friend to the hospital because she was very sick. I was also having some pain in my abdomen so I decided to run a scan to see what could be wrong with me. The doctor told me I had ovarian cyst in both ovaries. I called a friend who gave me Pastoral Help Line with which I called a pastor for prayer, and I was prayed for. After the prayer the pain subsided however on Thursday, it came back such that I could not do anything. I called a friend in Choir and requested that she should pick me on her way to church because I have the assurance that my healing is in Goshen. After partaking of the Holy Communion in the church that evening, the pain disappeared. Then, via live service from Canaanland Papa instructed that we should place our mantles on our heads in the Breakthrough Night and as I did, the heaviness I used to experience disappeared. I have been pressing my stomach and no pain there again. Praise the Lord. I. J. O.

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