God has delivered me from Smoking Hemp

I joined this commission in April 2014 when I met the Bishop at Kuchikau where me and some of my friends usually smoke Indian hemp. I usually did not regard men of God when I am being preached to but when the Bishop came to me and asked for my name I pretended as If I was coughing and threw away what I was smoking. At that point, I felt a new Spirit enter me. I attended service on Sunday and the following Monday he called me and asked me to visit him. On meeting him he asked what I did for a living and I told him I did not have a job so he assured me that God will give me a job. God being faithful, before that week ran out I was offered a contract job. In September 2014, the contract expired but God’s servant reassured me that God will give me another job all I needed to do was to keep praying to God. In one of the services God’s servant said that ‘anybody that does the work of God will receive his reward’ I keyed into that I diligently kept on participating in the Shiloh rallies, I even went to the “bonk” where I used to smoke Indian hemp with friends to share tracts. Some of them mocked me but I did not mind them. To the glory of God, a day before Shiloh, I was called and offered a job. God has indeed changed my life. Praise God!
Bro J. A

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