Time is life.
Time lost is life lost; time expires.
Time is common and same for all.
You need time and you have time.
Clock is not time.
There is time for everything.
“I must work the work that send me while it is day: for night comes, when no man can work.” Jh.9:4
What you cant quantify, you cant multiply.
Therefore regulate (plan) your time, make clear your mission, establish your priorities.
Get people to assist you by practice of delegation, to save your time.
When ability is lower than response you end up as a liability.
By delegation of duties you are enhancing your ability.
When somebody is promoted beyond efficiency the deficiency sets in.
By allowing more people to assist you your efficiency will be increased.
Wake up to your time before it expires.


At the end of every test is a testimony.
At the end of every trail is triumph.
At the end of whatever scares is a star.
Never allow what is presented to you deter or scare you from moving forward.
Never allow the noise and the rattling dissuade you.
At the end your victory and triumph shall speak.
Stay on to scale through.