Beware of internet fraudsters!

Beware of internet fraudsters.

Please incase you are called by anybody who claim to be Bishop Abioye and soliciting for funds on behalf of any motherless babies or orphanage homes, on no account should you attend to such people. All our followers on our social media platforms should from henceforth ignore such imposters who are fraudsters. Please let your friends, acquaintances and other followers be aware of this.
For benefit of doubt it is hereby emphasized, do not send money to anybody soliciting for fund under any disguise. WISDOM IS PROFITABLE TO DRIECT!
Bishop David Abioye

Please find below the valid addresses and any different one should be disregarded

Authentic Social Media Links


Please incase there is anybody asking you for help from any Motherless Babies or Orphanages Home, please on no account should you attend to such people.
All my fans on my social media platforms should not attend to such imposters, they are fraud and please let your friends and acquaintances be aware.
Don’t be zealous in sending money to anybody, be careful of such request because WISDOM IS PROFITABLE TO DIRECT.