Praise God

Praise God.
I still get mails from people who have been defrauded by imposters who use my name and picture on Facebook asking for money in the name of motherless/orphanage homes.
My question is? are they not sensitive or smart enough because the bible says that WISDOM IS PROFITABLE TO DIRECT. Eccl.10:10.
How can it be possible that my humble self or my father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo or friends in ministry now be asking for funds on Facebook, that is disregard to the gospel and not part of our spiritual DNA. Please inform your friends and love ones.
Jesus is Lord.

(send the details of those imposters/fraudsters including bank acct, page name e.t.c to to be sent to relevant security agencies)


Life is very short; no matter how long it may appear to be.

So, work as if there is never going to be a tomorrow even though you don’t hope to die before tomorrow.

Run today as if there will be no race to run tomorrow.

Never tell yourself or allow anyone to tell you that there is much time available to you.

Don’t be a man or woman of later but be a now person.